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giving an inside move. they might get peterson to commit to the inside. a pretty physical match-up. better koerngs 6'1", 220 pounds. growing up against adams, 6'4", 220 pounds, pushing and shoving. >> kirk: second and goal. adams down on the bottom again. >> brent: from the gun, incomplete. threw a little behind his target that time. he had todd haralson slanting. >> kirk: yates is trying to mix things up. haralson has not played a lot of football tonight. but the matchup that he can continue to exploit, i think. as he got adams down at the bottom, now they move jay boyd on the bottom against mo
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claiborne, that's a match-up yates is like going after claiborne. that's the success going up against it f. >> brent: peterson again has crept up to the line of scrimmage showing blitz. they got the corner on the line. here he comes, tries to come around, can't get there. throw, end zone. touchdown! eric highsmith.ñi the second fourth quarter touchdown fort tar heels. >> brent: millimeter young casey barth. the junior from wilmington.
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carolina outscore lsu in the second half. 14-0. >> kirk: he's the slot receiver, 88 highsmith. he's matched up one on one with taylor. taylor starts to come up. he think es he's going for an easy completion. yates does a good job, stepping up into the pocket. giving high smith enough time, gets in the back of the end zone. how about the touch by t.j. yates. a guy that's criticized, talked about. when is he going to get in. yates with a lot of maturity and guts for the tar heels team. >> brent: you bet, under the circumstance, what has gone on before and in the first half. this is a tremendous performance by the tar heels. everybody can be proud of the youngsters who showed up and played here tonight. there's no quitting. not a bit. pp.
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>> kirk: this lsu offense hasn't done anything in the second half. now, you wonder, is it the onside kick, will they have confidence with two time-outs and get off the field with a three and out? touch time will that leave you. onside kick you got to believe here. >> brent: the hands people are on the field for lsu, you better believe that right now. you see one of the fine wide receiver, tolliver, all across the board right there are guys who can handle the football. short, it didn't go ten yard, i don't believe. carolina may have recovered it, but i'm not sure it's legal. >> kirk: they got a flag, they got a flag. i'm with you. i think there was contact before the ball went ten yards. there's not a flag down.
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>> brent: that is elzy who came up with the football. and so here we go. >> kirk: les miles is fired up. appeared to be contact before the ball -- oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. ball didn't have -- not only did not have fay chance to go ten yard, that football got to go ten yards. bigtime contact -- >> brent: however, however, let's keep in mine that the lsu player stepped out. and handled it, then he got hit. interesting no call here. elzy came out. you better believe instant replay will take a look at this.
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>> kirk: instant replay will take a look. one thing you wonder about, brent, lsu defender moving towards -- >> brent: exactly. he touches it. >> kirk: towards of the north carolina special teams unit. >> brent: no question who touched the ball first, it was lsu. >> brent: time remain on the clock, 2:30. plenty of time if they've got -- a great play by ramsay. >> kirk: that's what has les miles frustrated right there. the fact that taylor is coming in with physical contact before his man had a chance to catch the football. and blue is his man.
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albert blue is one of the young running backs for less. he came across. no question, he lit them up. he gets the ball, 60 yard as way. talk about the ball hitting the lsu player. i don't think that's -- i don't think there's any question about that. >> brent: no question he came across and handled the ball. >> referee: after review, the ruling on the field stands. >> brent: no question. once he establishes he handles the football, he becomes fair game. >> kirk: like i said. the thing that has les miles is the fact his player didn't have a chance to receive the ball without being hit by taylor
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coming through to knock him down like a mack truck. >> brent: here we go, ladies and gentlemen. elzy is the running back. >> kirk: two-time blitz for north carolina. >> brent: slant, first down. tight end. zack pnalto again. with a big time game here tonight. a half dozen receptions for 59 yards. >> kirk: i'm surprise he isn't walking a linebacker up to slow him down. >> brent: yates will take this one. now he'll throw it late. incomplete. >> kirk: this is where you think yates is experienced would pay off for north carolina. because he's going up against athletic, but still very inexperienced lsu defense. but yates has been around the block.
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fourth year in starting for north carolina. you think he -- look, there's 2:11 left to go in the game. i know they need a touchdown. there's no reason to panic if you're yates. you have two time-outs, already in plus territory, in lsu territory, the chance to get points. that's a great decision, he throws the football away there. >> brent: second down for carolina. in underneath. short of the first down. they come back to joshua adams. boy, did they find the fine receiver here in the second half. >> kirk: great big target at 6'4", here's your third down. obviously this is fourth down situation with a clock right now and trailing. yates. fires incomplete and it has come down to this fourth down.
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>> kirk: that time yates telegraphing that pass. and this very second he got the snap. he's looking up the big tight end again. pianalto. i think the linebacker, shepherd, follows. he didn't look him off. he stared him down the whole way. allowed the linebacker to get his hands up and knock that ball away. >> brent: here comes your fourth down. >> kirk: look at the cushion down in the bottom. >> brent: there's room to pick up the first down. let's see what yates does. he's under pressure. fumble. scooped up. and lsu's got it. matthew rolled in. >> kirk: high reward defense from lsu, true freshman, tyron
11:40 pm
matthew come frts blind side on the corner blitz. nobody picked him up and with the pocket moving to the right, because of the pressure, i think he underestimated the speed of matthews. the sad part, we talked about the cushion in the bottom. in an open receiver, fe saw him, he had the first down. gutsy call by p john chavis with the blitz. >> brent: and mingo recovered it and now will keep it on the ground with ridley. barging ahead. they'll keep running the clack down. stay tuned for the ford wrap-up after this game. monday night. 8:00, espn, boise state, virginia tech. either one of these. >> kirk: there's lessons every single week for college football. especially early in the year.
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for lsu, they learn a valuable lesson. looks like they will with a win. they let off the accelerator. they continue to attack especially offensively. their goal, last year they average 58 snaps a game. one of the worst afters as far as plays a game. tonight they got 55 plays and in the second half, this offense has been awful. and you know what's good about that, you study your film and get ready to go in the next couple weeks to try to improve. >> brent: we look ahead to boise state. it's interesting that the writers h-have valued the broncos, more than the coaches. and we will illustrate that for you. second down. and five. power running out as the third
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down coming up. let's go show you the coach's poll, because, remember this, it is the coach's poll which factors into the bcs. boise state is not third. they are fifth behind florida and texas. and herbie, my question to you is, as the season rolls along. if boise state survives monday night, and that's certainly no given against virginia tech, what's your feeling about the coaches and their belief in boise state? >> kirk: i think boise state -- if they do beat virginia tech, and they do new york off oregon state in a weeks at home. there's a chance they move up. the challenge they find with their coach, while they're playing the whack, louisiana tech, seems like lsu and oklahoma are playing. they can't go through their conference and win in the fourth quarter.
11:43 pm
they to dominate people. if they do that, if they get through the, if they get to the top two. >> and tcu stepped it up a bit. >> brent: fumble. carolina got a life. that fumble is picked up, by sturdivant who was cleared last night with 1:08 to go. a life. >> kirk: i cannot say enough about north carolina, just not giving up tonight. everything this team has been through. they are trying to get that football out there. they are trying to go for a strip. attacking the football. they are able to do it. sturdivant comes up in a big way. now you have a situation where you get the ball back to an offense, you are out of time-outs. and butch davis realizes, you know what, i i've got a quarterback with experience p-potential playmakers on the outside. we can make this happen.
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>> brent: jay boyd is on the field. joshua adams, four receivers and their talented tight end underneath. out of time-outs but 1:08 to work with. snapping it off, in underneath the sack. they've got to keep it going. can't stop it now. >> kirk: understand he's got the tight end. that's one the clock keeps moving. )éáhat. toward the sideline or got to get it down the field. >> brent: yates, throwing, incomplete. that will stop the clock near midfield. that's highsmith. >> kirk: yates looking to the sideline to get the play called. remember you're working with inexperience on the offense. most experience that matters most is t.j. yates.
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adams off to the left. safety back deep. and a flag prior to the snap. p. >> kirk: ingersoll, the right tackle moved five yards back. >> brent: costly five yards. >> referee: false start number 56 66 of the offense. >> brent: 31 seconds to go. now, there's your two coaches. >> chris: if the play clock and game clock are going, you got to snap the football. much >> brent: çóyates, what a great grab by boyd again, what a receiver, number 87. and he's lit up. after the reception. that's a 21-yard gain. injured player on the field. clock is stopped. >> kirk: the corner who moved to safety, and a big hit right
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there. boyd's able to focus on that football and somehow hold on to it. major collision there. >> brent: the ball has been spotted at the 35 yard line. right near it. this has been the big receiver here tonight with greg little ineligible. so there's been only two touchdowns here and they came into the fourth quarter from out in the own end zone. boyd gets loose. a 97-yard touchdown and they come back and find high smith. and then a critical turnover. 189 seconds to go. boyd still -- no time outs
11:47 pm
remaining. number one the quarterback. he got to throw the football away. we got to be able to try to find ways to either get the football out of bounds, obviously, for at least pick up ten yards on every pass from this point moving on. that way the clock can stop and give you a chance to get back to the line of scrimmage for a snap. the >> brent: can't say enough about the young men for north carolina, who came down here, outgunned complete limit they hang around. without their top two running backs. t.j. yates, offensive line has come in there. he'll come off off that junioring hit. now peterson will try to lock down on joshua adams, see number
11:48 pm
seven at the bottom of your screen. clock is moving. yates, fire, adams has got it. that's a first down. clock is stopped. joshua made another big play. maybe the best corner in the country for 20 yards. >> kirk: no problem. adamson, good job of using his hands. having the awareness to get out of bounds to stop this clock. >> brent: and he's gone. met cal attention for peterson. he'll be off the field. ten seconds to go and yates, tonight, against this defense has thrown for 403 yards. >> brent: this would be f-lsu get thons and loses this the
11:49 pm
most devastating loss les myles experienced against a team decimated by suspensions, now here come the tar heels. >> kirk: chance for two plays, experience is key. got to get the football thrown into the end zone once and give yourself another chance here with ten seconds to go. >> brent: safeties standing back on the goal line. yates snaps it quickly. tight end out of bounds. pianalto. stepped out of bounds, had a huge night. eight catch, 75 yard, give him a life, getting out of bounds, they are now down to the 6 yard
11:50 pm
line. >> kirk: lsu has the all american. one side, true freshman, 14 right there. adams on the bottom had success on the quick slant. >> brent: yates the other way. high, incomplete. went into the back of the end zone. pianalto was the intended receiver. >> kirk: that's a match-up he'll take every time. 6'4", ball thrown just behind him but almost right there to be able to make the game-winning score. >> brent: here we come. final two seconds, final snap of the game. need a touchdown and the extra point to win it. this would be a huge upset. yates, waits, time, incomplete. lsu wins it. no flag down there on the field.
11:51 pm
they didn't win it as much as they survived it. they were down by 20 points at the half. and close to within six with two fourth quarter touchdowns. >> kirk: we keep talking about it. they didn't have enough to dress with this game. they came in with a mentality that they gave everything they have. they left it out on the field. came down to the final play. looking for the match-up he feels most comfortable with. going to him all night. not able to hold on. and as you said, lsu didn't necessarily win this game. they survived. >> brent: that was very close to a flag down there also.
11:52 pm
i'm going to tell you that right now. erin an drew drews is with les miles. >> erin: you're moving fine, seconds ticking away what are you thinking about? >> i'm thinking, the game's over, we're in 50 formation. we have to make sure we tie up those loose ends. we can't fin pitch games as sloppily as we did that one. >> erin: what happened to the offense in the second half? >> turn the ball over. it's a problem. we got aggressive with our -- made a couple mistakes, quarterback slot in terms of penalties. got sloppy in the second half. >> erin: why was north carolina able to have success in the second half? >> they started hitting slants, they played well. >> erin: thanks so much. >> see you.
11:53 pm
>> brent: i want one more look at this play. linebacker against the tight end. this is very, very close. francois, 23 reaches over with his left hand. >> kirk: after yates saw the ball fell to the ground. he wants the pass interference call. >> brent: it was very, very close. hat's off to the tar heels. and lsu got to go back to the drawing boards. 30 points in the first half. they couldn't score a touchdown in the second half. but they win t. 30-34 24 our final. monday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. it's the kick-off in the capital. at fedex field. thanks for watching espn on abc, folks. wheel a take you to the times square for the ford wrap-up and here is robert flores, take it away.
11:54 pm
robert. thanks, brent, welcome inside times square studio. this is the ford wrap-up. let's begin with p p defending examine yorngs alabama without the heisman trophy winner, mark ingram. back-up. trent richardson, very, very good. two touchdowns, including the 39-yard scamper. a little turbo boost. it's 21-3, alabama. a.j. mccareins, finds julio joan, beautiful catch. greg mcelroy, the starter. miami, of ohio, taking on florida, john brantley. starting the season, of course no tim tebow, brantley to hein, florida wins 34- also, other s.e.c. scores, ryan mallett beginning a heisman
11:55 pm
trophy campaign and cameron newton, former florida quarterback, five touchdown, auburn's big win over arkansas state. 52-26. check out upset. jacksonville state beats only miss on the road in double overtime. 49-48. first time an s.e.c. school lost to an ssc school since 2004. tcu, oregon state. andy dalton, four-yard touchdown run here. ranked sixth in the country, open up their season with a nine-point win over oregon state. three touchdown, 34-17 over rice, michigan, notre dame next week in south bend. both of those schools open their seasons with wins. that will do it for the ford wrap-up. thanks for watching. vo:well, you could new enever do this before.? >> hello?
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>> of potomac party turned violent. what led to the gunfire and who police are searching for. craislist changes -- the feature that was dropped. a book signing turned chaotic. white protesters threw eggs at a former u.k. prime minister tony blair. captioned by the national captioning institute
12:02 am
>> we begin with the investigation into a shooting in the potomac. shots were fired after groups cut into a fight following a party. the gunman is still on the list. john is in rock hill with more. >> a very rare crime for the neighborhood. witnesses say at least 20 people were involved in that fight. they tell police the gunman jumped into a small, white car. tonight we spoke exclusively with the woman who hosted the party. she says she does not know the suspect. >> me and my boyfriend are moving to florida. we were having a going away party. >> more people than she invited turned up. at 2 in the morning, the party literally ended with a bang. >> we were all inside when it happened. >> at some point during the get together in the town home, an argument over a girl turned into a fight and spilled outside. >> there were words exchanged.
12:03 am
somebody was reported to the town a bottle. >> shots rang out. be a cousin was shot in the arm. >> i walked down and saw there was something going on. >> neighbors say those involved scattered before police arrived. >> a lot work speeding of backward. their headlights were across the street. they were backing out. >> detectives looked for shell casings in the front yard. this was grazed by one of three shots. >> we bolted out of bed. >> with blood still standing parts of the sidewalk, neighbors are stunned that shots were fired in a community that rarely sees crime. >> if we need to, we will make more stringent guidelines for the people who rent in this neighborhood. >> police are still looking for the young gunmen and hoping to talk to witnesses. the 22-year-old man who was shot in the arm was treated and
12:04 am
released. the phillips collection reopened days after a fire closed the museum. only part of the museum is open. it will remain closed for repairs. the house suffered water damage after the fire. visitors got a welcome surprise -- no admission fee. the museum is waiving the fees for the rest of the month. getting around the area is proving frustrating due to five metro station closures. all are on the red line. metro is shutting them down to make safety improvements. richard talk to writers today. >> here at the glen what station the shuttle buses have been coming every five to 10 minutes. metro workers are showing folks what work to take. there is frustration from folks who would rather take a train than a bus. >> the red line royal station than a bus. >> the red line royal station shut down for repairs.

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